1x12 guitar cabinet from scrap

speaker pictureThis vintage Yamaha speaker is from an electric organ I bought for just five euros (an elderly couple just wanted to get rid of the big monster). Naturally I wondered how it would sound like with an electric guitar. So I had to build a cabinet. I didnīt want to by expensive materials or use too much time since I had no clue how the thing would sound like.

I couldnīt find any information about the speaker so I didnīt have to worry about cabinet design principles and calculations. I just made the cabinet as big as possible using what ever wood I had available. Front baffle and back panel, as well as other bits and pieces, are from the organ. Side panels (& top and bottom) are from extra closet shelfes.

box structure picCompared to commercial cabinets this one is just a little small. And yes, it did sound a bit "boxy". I drilled a hole to the baffle, just to try something, and it worked! Maybe the speaker could now "breathe" better ?

After couple of weeks I was still happy with the sound. Now I had to make the "temporary" cabinet look a little neater. I rounded the edges, added more screws to keep the thing together and covered the cabinet with some cheap fabric. I made simple handles from plywood, plastic corners came from a small broken combo. I took wheels from a piece of furniture that really didnīt need them.

Front grille is made of particle board (from the organ) and a piece of garden mesh, painted black. A home made logo plate makes the thing look more "professional" (?).

finished cabinet picThis cabinet is definetely too flimsy to take on the road (the speaker is rated for just 15 watts anyways) but it feels perfect for playing at home. Itīs not too big and easy to move around. And it sounds pretty good with a small head.

A lot of cabinet for just 21 euros (organ, fabric, glue and spray lacquer)!

ĐJukka Korppi 2015
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