Attempt to fix a classic guitar

shortened fretboardThis is by far the worst guitar Iīve ever had.  There were no markings of brand or manufacturer but clearly it represented the cheapest type of guitar building - even the fretboard was plywood painted black!

I was not able to tune the guitar properly. After some measurements I found out that the nut was almost ten millimeters too far from the first fret. So I had to shorten the fretboard. The plastic nut was another issue - it was too wide for this neck.

Tuners were crappy, of course.

checking the neck angleStrings were about three miles high from the fretboard. I just couldnīt get them low enough, not even after lowering the bridge. You can see the reason from this picture.

The soundboard was not straight anymore. The bridge was also warped, one end was hanging loose. Maybe thatīs why treble strings did sound so muffled.

A neck reset was necessary, something I had never done before to an acoustic guitar. This should be interesting!

neck removedparts sanded to bare wood

To remove the neck I used a hairdryer, a hot air blower, boiling water and thin blades. Finally I had to use a clamp with a makeshift jig to pull it free from the dovetail. Whole operation took some time but luckily I didnīt break anything.

For some reason I decided to sand of the finish. There was just a thin layer of lacquer and it came off with little effort.

shim under fretboardglueing the neck

I made a shim under the fretboard to fill the cap caused by the neck reset. Shims were also used to set the neck angle during glueing. The dovetail joint was poorly made, there was at least  three millimeters between neck and body. I used a long screw inside the body to tighten the joint.

End resultThe bridge was useless so I made a new one. Unfortunately after all that work the guitar didnīt sound any better, damn! Maybe this thing just wasnīt ment to be played.

So I just gave up. The end result is a wall piece with a fake campfire guitar look.

Well, I paid just three euros for the thing. Despite all work I didnīt get a playable guitar. But I think I did learn a lot!

ĐJukka Korppi 2015
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