Landola C-75 quick fix

guitar before fixing
This guitar has been abused a lot since it was made in 1996. Plenty of scratches and other minor damage, but nothing serious. With a little work this should become a quite useful little guitar. And it was cheap. Came with a gigbag and an Ibanez chromatic tuner, all for 40 euros.

The strings were a little high, as usual with budget guitars. I replaced the saddle with a lower one and the action became much better.
doing fret work
Fret ends were protruding dangerously and had to be filed down. Before that I used masking tape to protect the fret board. After filing I polished the frets with steel wool.

Next I cleaned the fret board with Zippo fluid. Then I applied a little oil to restore the natural color of rosewood. I used gun stock oil (like Tru-Oil).

The fret board looked really good after that.
the fret board
machine heads
Tuners were very stiff and needed lubrication. I used little oil for the gears and some candle wax for rollers.

finished guitar
This was a nice little project. I got a playable and solid guitar for casual playing. Sure, it´s not pretty and the sound is nothing to write home about, but it works well enough.

©Jukka Korppi 2018
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