Crate GX-15R guitar combo mods

Rubber feet installation

rubber feet picture
Not very difficult.

Mains transformer relocation

mount for transformerback view
I wanted to get more space inside the chassis. Moving the transformer away should also reduce hum. I made a simple mount from aluminum for the transformer. I also added a mains fuse (every amp should have one!).

Reverb tank mod

chassis after modification
The reverb tank was installed inside the chassis with double-sided tape. I didn't like that. So I made a proper enclosure for the tank from aluminum with shock-absorbing springs.

I mounted the reverb box at the side of the chassis using self-tapping screws. As you can see from the pictures, there's now plenty of room inside the chassis for service and future modifications (like remote channel switching ?).

This amp is now very quiet - no hum even with the reverb level at maximum,

inside the reverb boxinside the chassis

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