Diy Fuzz Face pedal

pedal picturepedal inside

This is a basic Fuzz Face with true bypass switching, a "pre gain" pot and external power only (I donīt like batteries). I was aiming at a traditional / vintage sound using NPN transistors so I selected transistors with as little gain as I could find from my storage. I think I got close enough, this pedal sounds pretty nice with a strat.

schematic diagram
The hFE of Q1 is 134 and 173 for Q2, not much for npn transistors. I made the true bypass with a relay. I added the gain pot because I donīt want to use guitarīs volume pot to adjust an effect. Capasitor C2 is here to prevent rf interference (like when you hear a radio broadcast from your amp!). I also changed some component values to suit my taste (C1, R3, C4, P3).

ĐJukka Korppi 2015
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