Electric guitar #1

guitar pictureThe body is from some Jack&Danny bass guitar so the first thing to do was to fill all old cavities with wood. Neck pocket was too wide and more wood was glued in. Other extra work included reshaping the horns and cutaways.

The neck is a modified DR-Parts strato neck with rosewood fretboard. Boston tuners, Fender-style hardtail bridge (strings through the body) and one overwound humbucker. Strap buttons, pot + knob and jack are from the J&D bass.

To get the most out of a single mic I installed a four-position switch giving following options: series, parallel, single coil south and single coil north. They all actually sound different!

The string retainer is unusual. I happened to found suitable parts from my junkbox (binding posts ?) and made it myself. It works pretty well (see picture below).

I didn´t want to use normal string ferrules at the back. So I made a one-piece string block from steel. The body is quite light and I thought that the steel block might give a little more sustain (picture).

Setup was straightforward except for one fret that was really high for some reason.

The neck is a little thick for my taste, but I`ll get used to it. The guitar is light, just under 3 kg I think. The heavier than expected neck makes the thing a bit top heavy, but I can live with that. Perhaps I should have left the upper horn a little longer for better balance?

string retainer picturestring block picture

Here is the new (and final?) look:

guitar with new appearance

©Jukka Korppi 2015
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