New life for Yamaha EG-012

Guitar as it comeThis guitar was in pretty bad shape when I bought it (but it was cheap!).

Someone had made some changes to it, but the result was just plain ugly. And the thing didn´t even work.

The body needed a lot of work. I used a hot air gun to remove the old paint. Then there was sanding, filling, sanding, primer paint, sanding etc.

The neck wasn´t so bad. Just cleaning and light oiling was needed, and I replaced the Yamaha logo with my own. I installed a second pickup and remade all electrics (a volume knob and a three-way pickup selector).

Here are some pictures of the process:

And here is the finished guitar:

finished guitarfinished guitar again

I am actually quite happy with the guitar. It´s easy to play and sounds ok.

©Jukka Korppi 2016
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