Ibanez IBZ1G combo converted to a head

converted head picturebackside of the amp

This mini head looks so cute! I took my time to make it look nice. I carefully peeled off the tolex before any sawing. I used glue and staples to put the cabinet back together and there was enough intact tolex to cover the thing neatly.

I wasn´t quite happy with the sound of this amp. There was too much high treble. After some experimentation I soldered a 2n2 capacitor at the volume pot, between wiper and ground. That seemed to help. Finally I replaced all knobs with smaller ones for easier operation.

head with a speaker picThis is a temporary setup until I can build a proper cabinet. That thing is a low-fi speaker from some small stereo system after a quick facelift. It isn´t as bad as you might think. I tried first a real hifi speaker but there was just too much bass and treble. This small box with it´s more limited bandwidth sounds better when playing with a cd track. I am using a cab simulation effect and a guitar amp with a tonestack eq is not ideal for this purpose.

Anyways, I will update this page later ...

©Jukka Korppi 2015
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