How to make a logoplate

screenshot pictureWell, this is one way to do it. Start by making the design on a computer. Use a picture or scan of an existing logo or design your own from scratch.

Here I applied a bevel function to make the text look more "3-d". Otherwise the logo would look too flat, like just a piece of paper (which it actually is, of course!).

This logo will be about 13 cm wide, I wouldn´t recommend to make much smaller.

Print the logo using a photo paper.

cutting the logo pictureThis is the tricky part! Cut the logo using a sharp knife and other tools you have. I think small curved scissors work pretty well.

In this picture you might see the difference between flat and bevelled text a little better.

Prepare the baseplate next. I used thin plywood because it is easier to work with than plastic or metal. You can find that stuff in model shops.

trimming the baseplateClue the logo on the baseplate. I used a clue stick and let it dry properly under a weight.

After that I had to trim the plate to follow the curves of the text. I used a "dremel-tool" (Ryobi, actually) with the bits in the picture. Remember to leave space for fixing screws!

Before drilling screw holes you might want to measure right spacing for your grille, if you´re using one.

Spray a few coats of lacquer on the finished logo for protection and hope that it won´t ruin your print!

pic of finished logoAnd here it is!

I have to confess that this was the first time I did this (and I´m boldly teaching this method like an old pro!).

Anyways, this seems to work. And it really isn´t too much work compared to the result.

©Jukka Korppi 2015
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