low budget guitar and audio projects

Tabletop speaker stands

to tips and
                tricks page

Isolated power supply for effect pedals

How to measure speaker impedance

Small stereo amplifier

Monitor selection box with mono /
stereo switch

Telegraph key as sustain pedal

Diy headphone amplifier with mixer

Acoustic guitar #2
Landola C-75 quick fix

Electric guitar #5
a hybrid mongrel project

Electric guitar #4
new life for Yamaha EG-012

Morley Pro Series II wah
mods and measurements

Mains distribution box

Crate GX-15R guitar combo mods

Acoustic guitar #1
the worst guitar ever

Diy mini amplifier for guitar
modified pc speaker

Electric guitar #3
Peavey Raptor restoration

Diy Fuzz Face pedal

true bypass with relay, "pre gain"

Electric guitar #2
Excel strat upgrade project

1x12 guitar cabinet
made from scrap

Digitech Death Metal mod,
adds gain control, instructions

How to make a logo
make a custom logoplate for an
amplifier or a speaker cabinet

Electric guitar #1
modified bass guitar body, strat neck,
single humbucker, hardtail bridge

Fret press

 Ibanez IBZ1G combo to head conversion

Small active subwoofer

Simple wall hangers for guitar

Diy workbench radio
converted from a car stereo

Jukka Korppi 2022
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